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Research Equipment

The following is a list the instruments and apparatus that are owned by the research groups and that they are prepared to share with other users in the department. Brief details of the apparatus are given in the individual group shared equipment pages along with who to contact to arrange access.

Research Group


Biotech Core Facility

Tecan Ultra Evolution plate reader

Anoxomat system for the cultivation of bacteria

G:BOX Chemi XX6 High resolution gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence.

Bio-Rad PAGE, western blotting and agarose electrophoresis systems



Stackable incubation shakers

Heraeus General Purpose Incubators

 -80 oC Freezer

Eppendorf CryoCube 740L ULT Freezer F740hi High Efficiency

Olympus CX40, Biological Upright Phase Contrast Microscope

General Lab Equipment

(Refrigerated centrifuges/Sonicator/Balances/PH meter/hotplate stirrer/GYRO ROCKER/Mini orbital shaker)

Computational Modelling Group (CoMo)

DMS 500 (Cambustion)

Blackfly S (BFS-U3-32S4C-C) digital camera

Material Imaging and Analysis Centre

Confocal Microscope, Leica SP5 System

Confocal Microscope, Zeiss 510
AFM/STM, Veeco Dimension 3100

Frequency Domain Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging (FD FLIM), Lambert Instruments

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)
Morphology G3 Microscope
Particle Imaging Velocimetry

Paste, Particle and Polymer Processing group (P4G)

Caleva 120 spheronizer


Carbolite oven


Fluid bed dryer


Silverson high shear homogeniser


Tapping machine


UV spectrometer


Vacuum oven


Water deaerator


Zwick strain frame

Rheology Centre

ARES controlled strain rheometer


Kinexus controlled stress rheometer


Cambridge Shearing System (Linkam CSS)


Cambridge Multi Pass Rheometer (MPR)


Piezo Axial Vibrator (PAV)




Diffuse Wave Spectometer (DWS)


Texture Analyser


Dantec Laser Doppler Anemometer

Structured Materials Group

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Varian AA240


Boy 22D injection moulding machine


Boy 25E injection moulding machine


Formlabs 3D printer


Bruker X-ray diffractometer