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Committee Members

President 2019-2020 

Runqiao (Ray) Dong 

Terahertz Applications group (Dr. Axel Zeitler) 



Runqiao is currently a 2nd year PhD in St. John’s college and serves as the president of the GrSoc for this year. His research focuses on terahertz application. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our department CEB or Cambridge in general, feel free to message him (rd489) or catch him in tea room or in the gym! 



Bill Stockham

BioNano Engineering group (Dr Ljiljana Fruk) 


Bill is a third year PhD student, working on the chemistry of DNA nanostructures. He studied Chemistry in York, Mumbai and Cambridge, but is a native of Bristol, which he insists is the world’s greatest city. In his spare time, Bill enjoys reading, climbing and tea drinking. As secretary, Bill is responsible for taking minutes, organising meetings and ensuring the smooth running of the committee. 


Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) Representatives

Jana Marie Weber

Sustainable Reaction Engineering Group (Prof. Alexei Lapkin)  



Jana Marie Weber is a PhD student in the Sustainable Reaction Engineering group with Prof. Lapkin, where she studies chemical reaction networks and their sustainability applications. Within the GRSoc, she holds one of the two SSCC positions representing the student body on departmental issues, after previously having gained experiences as the first year representative. Jana is also women’s officer at Pembroke College in Cambridge. She has received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from RWTH Aachen University during which she has spent an ERASMUS semester at Aalto University in Finland and a research semester at the University of Cambridge. When not tied in front of the computer Jana very much enjoys dancing, spending time with friends and Christmas markets. 


Yunhui (Selina) Zhuang

Adsorption & Advanced Materials group (Dr David Fairen-Jimenez) 



Yunhui Zhuang is a second year PhD candidate in Biotechnology working on drug delivery using Metal-Organic Frameworks within the Advanced Adsorption Materials group. This year, she will be one of your student representatives in the Student-Staff consultative committee so please feel free to let her know any of your concerns/suggestions for the department! In her spare time, you can find her either serving drinks or dancing salsa.


First Year Representative

Sabine Hallamasek 

Sustainable Reaction Engineering Group (Prof Alexei Lapkin)  



Sabine is a PhD student in the Sustainable Reaction Engineering Group under Prof Lapkin, where she works on assembling data inventories for Life Cycle Analysis of industrial processes – a holistic methodology that allows to thoroughly investigate process sustainability. As First-Year Representative within the GRSoc, Sabine works to provide support and guidance to all first-year graduate students at CEB. For this purpose, she is involved in ensuring first-years will be engaged in the Annual Departmental Conference, helping to organise Skills Trainings for first-years, and implementing a buddy system to provide guidance for freshers, among other activities. She will also represent the first year students in departmental meetings.  

In her spare time, Sabine enjoys dancing and reading a good book. If you ever need advice regarding any first-year related matters, come find her at her office desk in 3.07 or drop her an email – she will try her best to help you out! 



Sai Darshan Adloor 

Process Systems Engineering Group (Dr. Vassilios S. Vassiliadis) 


Sai is a final year PhD student in the Process Systems Engineering group. Sai serves the role of the Treasurer of the GRSoc and is responsible for the accounts and the spending decisions of the society.  His interests include travelling, history, football and cuban salsa. 


Social Secretaries 

Andrew (Drew) Baker  

BioNano Engineering group (Dr Ljiljana Fruk) 



Drew is a 3rd year PhD studying nanoparticles to identify and treat aging. He has a background in biochemistry and worked in physics as well. This year Drew will be one of the two GrSoc social secretaries. In his free time, he enjoys running and beer. 


Joseph El Kadi

Catalysis and Process Integration Group (Dr Laura Torrente) 



Joseph is a 2nd Year PhD Student in the Catalysis and Process Integration Group. His research focuses on the catalytic release of hydrogen fuel from ammonia as a solution for long-term energy storage. Alongside his work, he plays the middle eastern lute called the ‘Oud’, is learning German, and enjoys discovering local gems in Cambridge. Joseph is a special mix of Lebanese-Scottish, who grew up in Abu Dhabi and did his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London, with a year at UC Berkeley. Feel free to drop him a line with any ideas or suggestions about social events, which he organises together with Drew.



Suraj Mital

Molecular Microbiology Group (Dr. Graham Christie) 



Suraj is a PhD student in the Molecular Microbiology Biology group under Dr. Graham Christie and part of Robinson College. His research interest combines systems biology and molecular biology to produce enzymes of industrial interest. He will take a role behind the scenes in the GrSoc from helping manage information on the intranet to updating social media. You can email him anytime if you have any questions or would like to communicate anything to the department! We would love to share any photos, stories, and experiences you have had in our department! In his spare time, Suraj enjoys travelling, cooking, and spending time with friends at the different pubs in Cambridge. 


Graduate Conference Officer

Johannes Osterrieth

Adsorption & Advanced Materials group (Dr David Fairen-Jimenez)





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