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Welcome! Reception are here to help with general enquiries. 

Reception are also able to do small amounts of word processing for some members of staff on occasion as well as take room and lab van bookings, please email

If you are a member of this Department and have mislaid your card or need temporary access, please see someone in IT.


Please give Reception as much notice as possible if you are expecting any visitors, particularly if they require parking or access in the building. If you are meeting an engineer and they need access, please see someone in Facilities before the engineer visits so that a card can be issued to them.


It is recommended that we get the item for posting, preferably before lunchtime.

We can arrange a courier online but we will need the following details:

  • The recipients name and address details [cannot be a PO Box] including a telephone number
  • Dimensions of the package;weight, height and length
  • We will need to know the contents of the envelope or package
  • Grant code to charge the package cost for sending
  • Data sheets if you are sending chemicals
  • If you are sending items in dry ice, please ensure that the correct packaging and labelling is used.  Dry Ice Label
  • Reception can deal with documents.  Anything else, please see Chris Bawden  in our Lab Tech Team in L2.02.
  • If you would like to arrange a collection for a heavyweight shipment or you require insurance, please see Reception

We use DHL, Zedify and FedEx.

If you require a price, please go onto the following websites:-

DHL for national and international items but do not take items in dry ice

Zedify (used to be Outspoken), who deliver within the UK only and can also deliver items in dry ice.  Email

FedEx, who deliver international items only but can also deliver items in dry ice

You will receive confirmation and tracking information by email once we have booked it online. 


There is a Department Lab Van available for Staff for work related business.

All lab van bookings should be made through Reception (Michaela  - either in person or over the phone), and she will enter the booking on the Booker system in exactly the same manner as for booking meeting rooms. The calendar is available for everyone to view on the Intranet, so it is always possible to see who has booked the van and if the van is available.

The keys should be signed out each time and keys to the van should be collected from the Facilities team (Alistair or John) and returned to them once the booking is over. The van will be checked and signed in when it is returned.

All users need to present a valid driver’s license before using the vehicle.

Taxi requests

Visitors who request Reception to book a taxi on their behalf should pay for their journey themselves. If a member of staff has requested a taxi on behalf of their guest and/or visitor, this request can then be charged to our Panther Taxi account with a grant or cost code provided.  


If you would like to arrange a meeting and would like Catering provided, forms will need to be filled in with the requirements and sent to Catering on at least three days in advance. 

If you require in-house Catering, please fill in the Catering Form which can be downloaded from the Intranet on

If you would like to use outside Caterers, you will need to use a University approved supplier and the High Risks Form needs to be downloaded from the Intranet on Catering needs to be informed when the food arrives so that they can take the temperature for Health & Safety purposes.



Viruses, malware and other nasty things

If you think you may have a virus, or your virus checking has just expired, see Computer viruses and other malware: what you need to know.

If you've received a dodgy e-mail, see Info on Phishing