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Procedure for new users

Procedure for new users

When a new postgraduate student, postdoc or visitor arrives, these are the things they need to do.

Computer accounts, passwords and e-mail


1.  Any e-mail or letter from the Board of Graduate Studies should include an Admissions code

Postdocs and visitors

1.  If the supervisor will provide name and date of birth, any of the Computer Officers can preregister the new person at

this will generate a Registration code.
It is best to do this before the person arrives.
Otherwise, there will be a delay of 24 hours before the next step.


Postgrads, Postdocs and visitors

2.  The new person should go to
and put in
Date of birth
Admissions or registration code   (from step 1)

This will give userid, e-mail address and password.

They can do this at any computer and may have already done it before they come to see the Computer Officers.

3.  The COs will give them a leaflet   IT matters @ Cambridge

Vanessa has printed copies, or they are at

4.  The new person should fill out our form, so that we have their permission to put them on the ceb website.

5.  Vanessa will create them on

6.  Vanessa will add them to Moodle

7.  The new person will be sent a welcome e-mail explaining how to edit their own webpage. This information is also on

8.  They will be added to appropriate mailing lists. These are listed on



A photo session may be organised near the start of term.

Photos appear on the web site, the mugshot board and the photo sheets.

People may choose not to have a photo on the website.


University ID Card procedures

The University ID card is used in this department for access to the department out of hours. It is also used by the University Library, by some colleges, and to gain discounts in some shops and on buses.

Iain is the primary card contact in this department, but the other Computer Officers can also help.

Postgraduates normally obtain their ID cards through their college.  If the college has refused to do this because the student has arrived early then we can authorise it.

We would not normally request an ID card for a visit of less than 3 months.

1.  The Computer Officers must first check that the new person has either had safety training or has arranged a safety training course with Sharada.

2.  One of the COs can either take the new person down to the card office or email the card office ( ) giving full name, start date, end date.  The person may need a passport or driving licence as identification.

3.  Once the necessary paperwork has been returned to us the new person may be put on to the card access system.

Access to the front door requires authorisation from Sharada.

Access to CUBE or the laser lab needs further training.